About Us

How did Casa di Moni begin in Ottawa?

We are Vessela and Moni, the proud owners of Casa di Moni. We moved to Canada 25 years ago, following our ambitious goals to pursue a better life. Our connection to gelato first began with Moni, who was working in the ice cream business. Whenever we travelled somewhere new, he always made it a point to try the ice cream. It was exciting to discover the unique flavours and techniques around the world, and it greatly inspired us to go after our next goal. We wanted to offer an authentic gelato experience in Ottawa, and ultimately create a warm, inclusive community for everyone. 

To get a full breadth of knowledge on authentic artisan gelato, we decided to go straight to the original source. We travelled to Southern Italy and met with gelato masters who had been developing their craft for generations -- some techniques have been passed down for more than 200 years. We built great relationships, and are grateful to have learned the greatest authentic techniques and recipes first hand. Immersing ourselves in the culture and history was the best way to understand the importance of authenticity. These dedicated professionals gave us the ability to offer the finest and oldest gelato ingredients available in Italy.

When we returned home, filled with new knowledge and ideas, we took the classic Southern Italian techniques and used modern technology to make gelato that was consistently perfect in every batch. We opened Casa di Moni in August of 2020, at a great location in the vibrant Byward Market. Our gelato is often imported directly from Italy, offering an authentic experience right in the heart of Ottawa. Other times, the gelato is handcrafted ourselves, ensuring that we offer a level of quality that can’t be matched by anywhere else in Canada.

Gelato was just the beginning. We used the same philosophy that originally brought our company success, and further expanded our menu to include authentic Italian dishes. In addition to over 100 flavours of gelato, we also offer coffee, hand-tossed pizza, pasta, paninis, desserts, and other fine foods. We focus on creating food that is rooted in classic old-world traditions and standards, providing the freshest ingredients and most exclusive imports.

Our main goal at Casa di Moni is to provide an authentic, inviting, and memorable experience through our delicious Italian cuisine and incredible service.